Cole the Flip House: Week 13

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I navigate through the business of flipping houses one house at a time!!  If you’re new here (Hello!!!) or just enjoy walking down memory lane, you can see my 7 previous flip houses here.  Thanks for coming along for the ride as I jump into flip #8!!!  Check out previous posts about this house here and follow along on my insta-stories for more behind the scenes goodness! This post may contain affiliate links.  For more information, see my disclosures here.  

T Minus one week until we hope to list!  It's looking like it'll be all buttoned up inside but still have a bit of exterior clean-up to go.  Outside, the doors got trimmed out and look awesome!  The old, peeling, dented shutters started coming down to make way for the new shutters that are arriving next week.  The stairs and patio will be getting cleaned up and patched a bit as well- hopefully that will be next week if the weather cooperates.  It's either been freezing or raining lately.



To allow us to FINALLY get heat in this house so, ya know paint will dry, floor poly will dry, and pipes won't freeze, we needed to get propane tanks installed.  When we installed the new furnace, we ended up venting to the exterior and converting to propane.  In old houses especially, when updating a furnace, if you elect to have it vented through the chimney (which it would need to be if we stuck with oil), you need to bring the chimney up to current codes which usually means costly lining and other updates.  By venting the new furnace outside, not only is the heating system more efficient, but we don't have to touch the chimney!  We just have to deal with these propane tanks outside since there's no gas service available to the house.  Don't you worry, however, next week we should be installing a fence around them so they won't be so in your face!



Meanwhile back inside, did I mention that we have heat??  It's been a long time coming!   That means good news for floor refinishing because the floor coatings will actually DRY!  I have a thing for hard wood floors.  The older the better.  I don't understand wall to wall carpeting.



Since that photo about a day ago, the floors have a coat, maybe even 2 of poly on them!  In order to clear the floors to refinish them, all the appliances and remaining boxes that had been in the dining room last week got squeezed into the main bath off the kitchen.  I'm pretty sure tetris skills were needed to accomplish this, but this is all you can see in the bathroom past the piles:



There has been quite a bit more going on, but it's a lot of detail work at this point that really wouldn't be evident in some of the progress pics.  I'm very excited for one detail element that I'll be bringing into the dining room, though!  A remnant from Shorty- a heating grate- will be making an appearance if we can make it work!  We removed a heat grate in Shorty's kitchen and you know I couldn't bear to part with it, so it has been sitting in my storage unit waiting for a new home.  It was dirty and rusty and needed some love, but it's cleaning up nicely!  I don't have a pic of the rusty, dirty grate, but I do have a pic of one that stayed at Shorty and this one is the exact same style.  I can't wait to see it a part of this house!!




Lastly, I enlisted Handy Dad's help to get a little creative with a house number.  There was siding damage from an old mailbox that we need to cover, so we're creating a custom house number/planter box.  I plan to add in a cute little faux plant for staging.  Here's a progress pic before the number got attached:



With my mostly hands off approach to this house, I'm going to be biting my nails in anticipation for all the details to be buttoned up!  Staging furniture is getting delivered hopefully early next week, so it's full steam ahead!


Have a stellar weekend!!!