Flipping Out

New week, new fliphouse apparently.  We closed on Millie on Friday and are closing on selling Grover tomorrow.  That means today I have a day chock full of finishing last touch-ups at Grover, supervising movers as they transfer all the staging furniture over to Millie, and then ripping up an attic floor at Millie so my electrician can re-wire the whole shebang.  Oh what a glamorous life I lead.  Fingers crossed I don't find too many dead things under the attic floor (or living things for that matter). Shifting topics, only slightly... 10 points to anyone who noticed what changed last week over in my menu bar on the left!  (Rss/e-mail readers, click on by the site to check it out)  That's right, there's a new clickable page titled "Flipping."  Last week if you clicked on it, though, you were just told "Coming soon."  Today?

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 8.34.01 AM

There's now a page for you to check out all my current and past flip houses and click through to see the pretty cool transformations they all went through.  I'd also love to hear from you if there's another way I can make this 'flip index' better.  Project lists/sources per house? Less talky, more pictures?  Let me know!!

In other flip news, I know you are just dying to know more about Millie (amIright?), so let me assure you that I won't make you wait too much longer.  Because the house is so big (in comparison to the other flips) and has wonderful details at every turn, I'll be splitting it into 2 posts.  You'll get a rare Thursday post in addition to my regular Friday post so I can show you as much of the amazingness as possible including all 3 living areas.  THREE!  I barely have one in my own house!  I can't wait to show you the built-inS either.  Yup, plural...there are so many I've lost track... I remember 6 off the top of my head, but there could be more that I'm forgetting.

It'll be a busy week both flipping and here on the blog, so stay tuned for some pretty neat stuff!